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Dairy-farm Management and Capacity Building Workshop

do the right things, do the things right!



Dairy farm owners work hard to remain sustainable, however, just hard work and investing in Dairy farm solutions, keeps them just marginally profitable, not very sustainable or very progressive. Most mid size dairy farm owners are in need of professionals, however, they cannot engage them or hire them, due to economies.


We are here to change this mind-set of farmers, and through these workshops, teach them simple Management practices, Dairy-farm management techniques and best practices from leading Dairy farmers in Europe and other progressive geographies.


These techniques, best practices and knowhow are very easy to understand, can be put into practice immediately and more than often without any cost or low cost, and truly enhance the Dairy-farmer to Manage as a Professional.


Capacity Building workshop by Kennedy Samuel:


The workshop will be a half day program and will enable you:-


1. to measure, monitor & increase the efficiency of your dairy farm & your team

2. to understand the meaning of a Overall Healthy Dairy-farm

3. to enhance Milk-productivity & Milk management.

4. to create revenue from dung ( huge potential from German technology)


You will also get the opportunity to get hands on training, and take home not just theoretical data or information, but, you take back to your Dairy farm a new enthusiasm, motivation and the best techniques that you will learn and will implement, almost immediately.


Book for the Program & fee details:

  • Build your Business on a strong Business strategy.

  • Remain focused & Remain Productive.

  • Build your Business or career & Grow your Business or career

....every drop of Clean milk produced, makes a HappyCow and a Cow Happy...

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