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Dairy farming in the Middle-East and Asian economies

I have been working with various Dairy-farmers through MN'C, NGO's and even Dairy associations since over last 10 years. During my engagements, with Dairy-farm owners,farmers and the labour or human-power, so to say, I experienced a great need from them, for management and development training, to suit their conditions and mind-set. Since then, I decided to concentrate on creating an apt training module based on needs of the milch-animals in these geos, their barn environment, human-resources, capital-availabiity and lastly, the type of dairy-products their consumers prefer. To a large extent, I had redo my initial learning, and put together, a skill set, knowledge-set and things to do, based on my engagements over the last 10 odd years, with Dairy farmers in South America, Zambia, Ghana, and in Asia, namely India: Maharashtra and Gujarth. The workshops we conduct are easy to implement, comprehend, gracious on the pocket of the humble farm owners and yes fruitful too.

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