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Specialized Solutions for Agri & the allied sector:


What We Offer


Mother Earth and Mother Nature have spoilt, so to say, their children by an abundance of choicest foods, to enrich our minds, bodies and soul. Creation, the birds of the air, the animals on land, the creatures in the seas, do enjoy these choicest foods, however, lately, we humans are in need to reclaim our bonding with Mother Nature and  once again reap rich and choicest foods, abundantly and as a grace.

It's our endeavor to take this "basket of choicest foods" in other words Agri-business and farming to higher productive and nutritious levels in a sustainable format.

Know how from , doing the right things and doing things right clubbed with apt motivation, yields desired results in all Agricultural, Dairy and Farm producing facilities.

Around 9 billion people by 2050, yes, that's the number of people, earth is expected to feed and feed with global climatic challenges.  Further, developing countries in Africa and Asia are geos where  population is growing and consequently also here that the food demand is the highest. This creates favorable business conditions for the European and Israeli agribusiness sector, which are among the most efficient in the world.

  • Training that enable transfer of Know How and Technology. (Green Energy, Waste Water management, Dairy, Fruits & Vegetables)

  • Business Consultation.

  • Market Entry (mainly EU, America and other challenging markets)


We work in a structured format to bring in the right training and developmental programs to the Agri, Dairy and Farm producers, in Asia, from Global leaders, Global Experts and Scientists.

project phase
Dairy Farm, Green Energy & Agri Training & Knowhow


  • Arranging training programs and visits to state of the art farms in Denmark, Germany and Israel, enabling YOU comprehend 'right-things' for your farms / businesses.

  • Training programs conducted in local destinations too.

Project Consultation


  • Creating apt 'Incubation Centers' or Model-farms to train and develop entrepreneurs.

  • Scale up production units / farms and enable them conform to EU / desired global standards.

Technology Transfer


  • Arrange apt partners for Joint Ventures, Collaborations or Suppliers/Exporters.

  • Assist YOU set up production facilities with key components from Technology partners and create hybrid solutions.

Video Tutorials / Work done
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Dairy farm know how workshop
Danish know how workshop, MCCIA Pune,2012
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