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Industrial / IT / Machinery 

What do we do here?

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Simply stating; we offer a bouquet of services, allowing our clients to cherry-pick as per their preferences.  Be it the Industrial sector, the IT sector or the Machinery industry; the process followed cater to business efficiency, productivity & revenue enhancement. 

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Process Improvements: We initiated these, specifically for the IT industry, in 2014, by providing PCI DSS (payment card industry) compliance training. 

The client was a SME in Pune, India offering services to a USA based Mystery Shopping Company. From scripting the SOP (standard operating procedures) to auditing & refining their existing business operations, we scaled their application to withstand & stand compliant to all 5 levels of the PCI-DSS V1.0.

Since 2014, we have worked with a variety of IT companies, streamlining standard procedures & operating systems. We have improved SLA (service level agreements) & streamlined the MIS, Reporting systems & Analysed various non-compliances to set close to Six Sigma efficient operations.

We have credible experience with E-learning, E-commerce and creating Shopping and Buying experiences rewarding and gratifying.  Logistics, Manufacturing, Dairyfarm Automation are other areas where we have worked as consulting partners with Danish, Indian & few South-Asian clients.

We provide a variety of specific domain related training, motivational & process improvement workshops for the IT sector.

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Re-engineering operations: Another area of our

expertise is re-engineering operations or prototypes, for either market efficiencies or enhancing productivity.

We worked closely with MNC's like DeLaval India Ltd., between 2008 to 2013, providing Business Services to create markets for milking machines and health and hygiene products.


We also identified Dealer & Logistics effectiveness and identifying suitable Vendors to manufacture critical machines and components to reduce time and scale economies. 

We provided an array of services to Canadian & Danish companies to enhance the marketability of the prototypes & first-of-their-kind solutions.

Doing things right and right things are another service we conceptualized for the Manufacturing and Industrial players.  The core objective was reducing rework, setting up strong systems to scale up to ZERO Defects.



Niels Erik Kirkegård Bendtsen

Export Manager hos BPI A/S

Southern Region, South Jutland, Denmark 


Share the amazing To whom it may concern I know Mr. Samuel, Kennedy from a Danish DANIDA agricultural farm project in Bolivia, DANIDA is the Danish Foreign Ministry’s international support programme for developing countries around the World. Mr. Samuel co-ordinated the agricultural project locally in Bolivia and he wrote the project plan to DANIDA including coming with professional ideas and workable local solutions among mennonites originating from Europe. Mr. Samuel has great knowledge about Dairy farming and understands how to execute new ideas and solutions locally. I Can only give Mr. Samuel my best recommendations for future employer.


Best wishes Niels Erik K. Bendtsen Denmarkthings customers are saying about your business.

Merv Byron

General Manager at ECC Monitoring Inc.




Kennedy is a consummate professional who strives to provide the best service possible for his clients. He is knowledgeable in corporate communications and was a tremendous help in obtaining contacts with the right individuals in major industries in India. His honesty and forthright approach was refreshing and I found his advice reliable and current. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Neeraj Kumar

Managing Director, DeLaval India Pune, Maharashtra, India 

Kennedy has a good understanding of market research and business process. He is good in communication strategy with deep understanding of new ventures in India. He is hard working and committed to his task and can be trusted with specific responsibility. he could be a good mentor to upcoming talent or organsanisation seeking such help

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