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Frequently Asked Questions


Few areas are addressed here, however, the best way to get what you seek, is writing or calling us.

 01  Why knowhow and technology from Europe and Israel, when condition in our location are different or unique. 

Denmark, Germany and Israel are the best and leading producers of Dairy-produce, Green-energy and Fruits, Vegetables, respectively and more importantly, they have taken keen interest to take forward their key strengths to growers in developing economies and have set up required facilities for training and development.



 02 ​ Ok, but our conditions are different?
We adapt to your local conditions, however, the key to our success is Management: Doing the Right Things and Things Right.




 03  Do you assist in Exporting out products.

Yes. We will evaluate your farms, the produce and recommend strategies to overcome gaps. However, we would expect you to undergo training by our experts. 

  • Training will include, meeting specific regulations, packaging and branding, among other 'export-worthiness' requirements.

Then we would arrange meetings with relevant importers in the EU, enabling you close deals as preferred by you.



 04  What are Incubator or Innovation Centers you set up.

Incubator Centers are training centers set up locally, with apt machinery, know-how and consultants from overseas destinations.  The Objective of Incubators are to develop highly capable and world class entrepreneurs.


Innovation Centers are centers that bring local entrepreneurs or experts to work with global-innovators or R&D centers.   



 05  Do you fund local players.

Depending on the requirement, the customer (government, associations, other) the scale and lastly the 'domain',  we can bring credible investors, donors or funding agencies.

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