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Clean Dairy-milk Production Workshop: Globally accredited 

Agriculture, Animal-husbandry, Poultry-farming & Dairy-farming are very ancient occupations & were prime sources of livelihood, self-sustainability & the very essence of barter-trade. The onset of the industrial revolution transformed all the above-mentioned occupations to businesses. Developed nations especially those in Europe set the pace, gained proficiency & Global lead positions.

Practices & Know How:

Among other European leaders Denmark is recognized as highest producer of Clean Milk, High quality Poultry products & with Germany within the Green-energy domain.

Danish attribute Technology, their Know-how & Best-practices evolved over decades of engagements with farmers, educationalists, consumers & industry that place them as leaders.

The Workshop Concept and break-down:

DANIDA: Danish Government’s arm Danish International Development Agency, is the brand used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark when it provides humanitarian aid & development assistance to other countries, with focus on developing countries. 

danishknowhow based in Copenhagen, Denmark were selected by Danida to administer & manage, the “Clean-milk Production Program in Bolivia in 2013

danishknowhow selected Kennedy Samuel, from Pune, India, on account of his working knowledge with indigenous and hybrid Indian milch-animals, his exposure to the global food & dairy sector acquired at Tetra Pak & Parmalat (Italy) & his working within the IT / automation sector.

Kennedy led the Clean-Milk Production project  Best during 2013, visiting Denmark & Bolivia to gain insight to the local conditions in Bolivia, to adapt the Danish knowhow, technology & best practices to suit the Bolivian dairy farmers & the Bolivian commercial dairy operations.

 Kennedy scripted a Clean-milk Production Manual, enabling farmers in Bolivia to understand, implement, measure & manage knowhow at their farms, & the project was completed successfully during 2016-17.

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