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Please bear in mind, that LoveLife™ is highly customized for individual needs, it's not a one "size fits all" types...and conducted personally by me, hence connect via Skype, gmail or via the message box on the right side,  to overcome  challenges or LIVE & LOVE life.

Themes of some of our Workshops ( we custom workshops for special needs, specific purposes & to help Growth)

Loving Body,Mind & Spirit-n-SPIRIT          How YOUR body functions                               Swastha, Kundalini & Yoga

Man-Women Emotions & more                   Meditation : a calm person achieves more     Learn to LEARN

Work, Home & Life Style Balance              Understanding & Overcoming Stress              Mind Enhancement

Marital Relations Enhancement                 Understanding & Managing your Family         Goal Setting & Managing Goals

Overcome Fear: Speak-up                          Overcome stammering, smoking-drinking      Let go of habits; work & be smart

Meet God in you                                          The Good, the Bad and the XXX                        Relations, Body & More

Team Work & Self growth                           Managing Teams Effortlessly                            Motivation for Top management 

Kennedy SAMUEL

Skype: kennedy_samuel
E-mail: kensam9@gmail.com
web: www.lovelifekse.com 


Reach out.





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