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Customized Workshops for Asian and Developing geographies:


Kennedy offers 3 to 4 days or Custom-workshops for Dairy farmers, with hands on training on local farms, that enhance milk- production, assists farmers to produce clean milk & address Milch-Animal health, Udder and Milk management, Key Result Area for staff & management at the farms, among other.


Focus Area

1. Animal / Udder health, Feed management, Digestion & insight to Milk production.

2. Milk & Value-added products management.

3. Milking – Storing – Processing

4. Bio-gas plant setup, development & management

Duration: 3 days or customized per your needs.

Note : Half day Classroom & half day on farm* if available.


Online or at the training center. Simple format with videos, easy to understand & implement.


Workshops suitable for group-sizes up-to 12


Above workshops are effective, adapted from Danish, yet very economical & is customized to suit local conditions, around Asia.

Cost of the workshop depends on group-size & scale of productivity required.

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