LoveLife is  conceptualized, designed, practiced and offered to participants by Kennedy Samuel, since 1996. LoveLife has constantly evolved since 1996 to-date; several  Realizations or Awakening are included, to help participants realize their goals.

The process of upgrading workshops to the path perfection is

continual and adapted from experiences faced in real life,

regular reading of the Scriptures,

discourses from various global

evangelists, and interactions

with the Religious, from those

seeking Spirituality and from

hardships, challenges (a minor speech disorder) and shortages that came my way.

Why LoveLife

Abraham Harold Maslow,  an American psychologist best known for creating the "Maslow's hierarchy of needs", a theory of psychological health predicated on fulfilling innate human needs in priority, culminating in self-actualization. Source: Wikipedia.

Maslow’s theory hovers around, the fact that most human-beings yearn for basic needs, then comforts,  then luxuries. Next they seek fame or social status; and then feel the need for Self-actualization, that is seeking answers to Self, the Creator, or a deeper understanding to their Beliefs or Unbelief’s.

Taking cue from this Maslow's theory, the yearning for some sort of better way, in either veneration, prayer, practices or beliefs, sort of trouble individuals or leave room for clarifications in few humans, from early adulthood or even as teenagers. The degree of yearning varies based on individuals and through each phase of life.

In most individuals, especially those belonging to geographies where religion and beliefs play a dominant role in families, cultures and society, this yearning is more dominant.

LoveLife helps individuals experience Self, the Creator, and yes, the Absolute Truth.


More on LoveLife

The workshop or program is customized for individuals,  based on their specific needs,  for couples based on their individual and collective needs and for corporate, mainly relating to top-management effectiveness.


The methodology and sequence are systematic.

LoveLife as stated, is not a series of theological lectures or a ‘One solution’ that fits  All, but designed and conducted as a joint effort to understand, identify and recognize participants 'yearnings',  their struggles,  disappointments, shortcomings, set apt correctives and train to integrate LoveLife as a way of living and grow in their relationship with their Self, the Creator and among people.

LoveLife helps participants experience the Absolute Truth, enabling them discern positive and negative stimuli effortlessly,  make better decisions, organize themselves to reap what they need and deserve thus overcome and manage challenges whatsoever.

Who benefits from LoveLife and Who can attend the program?

Individuals coping with career challenges,  financial hardships, STRESS, speech disorders, chronic anxiety, demotivated and those living with a low-self-esteem.

Couples or  individuals facing marital problems(during married life or post-marriage related). 

Individuals or groups seeking a

meaningful and fruitful life,

questions concerning God, or

Why pain, suffering or misery


Gain answers/solutions from the LoveLife program / workshop.

Corporate seeking turnaround or attempting to imbibe or infuse new work ethics, objectives or change, apt for top-management Out-bound programs facilitating at brain-storming, goal or target setting, other.

How is the LoveLife structured?

The LoveLife Architecture presents the structure:




How long do the workshop last?

As stated, the workshop is specially customized to suit individual-participants, most LoveLife workshop’s last around 4 hours, with a short break of 15 to 20 minutes. 

To suit couples or individuals the workshop can be held over 3 days, each session lasting 2 hours.

This permits a cross section of individuals or groups from most geographies to gain access to the workshop and also gives sufficient time to retrospect certain 'procedural' to suit individual or group conveniences / preferences.

  • We offer LoveLife  via video conferencing per conveniences.

For Corporate the prelim session is vetted with top-management / responsible, prior to the workshop & specially designed to suit business objectives / domain & stress levels.

How much do I pay for the LoveLife workshop?

Fee of INR 2,500 for individuals for a 1.5 hour, basic session.

Individuals intending to attend a full session (around 5 hours, over 2 or 3 days) need to pay Rs. 6,500. Couples pay Rs. 9000.  

Fee for Corporates' are quoted per requirements.

LoveLife is offered on online (combination of Video-conferencing & via e-mail) wherein participants are required to pay upfront.

  • For individuals the fee is INR 1500 for 1hour.

  • For over-seas participants US$ 250 for 1 hour.                   

In order to take LoveLife to the specially abled, irrespective from where they are, I do not charge any fee.

The program for Special-friends is the same, however, a guardian/facilitator, would be required, to co-ordinate, write forms among other, and is conducted only face-up.

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I had attended the workshop in 2018, and could overcome depression due to family and financial crisis.  The workshop was refreshing and from the first few minutes itself I could feel a calm that I had not experienced before.

It's been two years since I attended the workshop (3 sessions) and today I myself am a motivational speaker.

Thanks to Kennedy Samuel.

Mrs. Shashi Subrmaniam 

I had attended the workshop in 2020 February during my Pune, India visit from the UK.

Kenny is a very good friend, and would often speak to me about Spirituality during our walks around the hills where we stay.

One day I called him and told him, "I do not have any problems meditate regularly, however I want to attend your workshop".

Coming straight to the point, the sessions and discourses engaged me and I gained better insights to life.  The breathing techniques are absolutely refreshing and kind of makes to feel alive.

Mr. V. Bora.

Ms. Shobha Joshi

International Classical Singer 

shaping young minds