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What Do We Do


KRISI a Sanskrit word, representing Cultivation, or a Business, and SHEFA a Hebrew word, meaning an Abundance, in fact, a Divine Abundance.  At Krisi Shefa, we specialize in delivering organic business solutions, enabling our clients to build capacity, grow profits & revenue abundantly.                  

We have developed smart procedures, backed with apt technology, to evaluate our client's business stack, identify gaps & provide apt strategies to close gaps.

We redefine business opportunities,  markets & drive innovation, to build strong systems that deliver higher value to customers & drive sustainability.           

Our Clients
Small and Medium Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Innovators in India, Europe, Africa & emerging markets.
Our Associates
Leading Bio-Gas Consultants in Germany, Dairy-farm experts from Denmark, Israel and EU. 
Trade Baden-Baden
WP_20161215_17_01_41_Pro (2).jpg
Chile 1996
Trade Promotions
Select clients include Trade Promotion Departments from Embassies / Consulate partners, local Chambers of Commerce & Danida. DeLaval India, Entrepreneurs & Innovators from Canada, Denmark and other Asian countries.
Bio Gas know how, technology and plant safety from Germany.

Dairy farm and Dairy product know how, technology and machinery, from Denmark
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